Green Light Glitch: OnePlus Responds with Lifetime Screen Warranty for Indian Users

Reports are swirling about OnePlus users in India encountering an unexpected problem: green lights flickering across their screens. In a bid to mend its customer relationships, the company has launched a fresh initiative targeted specifically at tackling the issue of screens exhibiting an unwanted green tint. A substantial number of OnePlus users in India have expressed worries about a green line creeping onto their phone screens after a certain period of ownership.

Recognizing OnePlus’ significant popularity in India and its swift growth in the region, the company has introduced a new policy tailored exclusively for Indian users. A spokesperson from OnePlus has confirmed that all affected phones will now be shielded by a lifetime screen warranty. What’s more, certain users might even be eligible for discounts on upgrades.

In simple terms, any OnePlus device plagued by the green tint screen problem will now qualify for a free screen replacement.

“We understand that this issue has caused considerable inconvenience to the affected users, and we deeply apologize for it. Staying true to our unwavering commitment, we urge users to visit the nearest OnePlus service center for a thorough device diagnosis. We will ensure a free screen replacement for all devices impacted by this situation. For select OnePlus 8 and 9 Series devices, we’re also throwing in a voucher that offers users a fair percentage of their device’s value to facilitate an upgrade to a new OnePlus device,” affirmed a spokesperson from OnePlus.”

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